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One of the largest manufacturers & distributors of food ingredients globally.

Company Brief

Davars M.P. Organics forayed into the manufacturing market in 1982. Project began by setting up an in house R&D laboratory for the development and standardization of various food, pharmaceutical and industrial grade additives which were essentially import substitutes of Carrageenans, Pectin, Alginates and Locust bean gum. Samples of manufactured products were sent to different concerned laboratories of C.S.I.R. as well as others for quality testing and evaluation. After receiving positive test reports, the company started its modest business industry on a small scale by investing individual capital. Within a short span of time, the company received first rating on the basis of product quality, with its patented formulations being well-accepted by the industry as perfect import substitutes.

Over the years, Davars attained unprecedented business growth, also registering itself as the first company of its kind to acquire HACCP certification by the globally renowned TUV-Mitte of Germany in the late 90's. Davars also acquired registration from APDEA & is today exporting its products to key global markets of United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, Kuwait, Egypt, Congo, Tanzania, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Currently, Davars is a distinguished brand in the dairy & bakery ingredient business with the widest distribution network in India. The company boasts of its own sales offices in Delhi, Mumbai & the UAE. The company also operates in 26 states all across India and close to 17 countries worldwide. Relying on its extensive distribution network and market coverage in India, today the company also engages in the imports, trading & distribution of various frozen, chilled & dry food products.

Product Line

Davars manufactures and markets a wide range of processed and finished foods, which is as follows:

Dairy Ingredients

  • Ice Cream Application
    • Ico Caragel
    • Icopodric ACE
    • Icozane
    • Icopodric Lad Super
    • Icopodric DD5
    • Icopodric STS
    • Icomagic SE
    • Icoquell
    • Osmogel
    • Icopodric ADC
  • Milk Cream Cheese and Yogurt
    • Icopodric QM UHT
    • Icopodric Q5
    • Icopodric Y2
    • Ico Sip BM
  • Convenience Premixes
    • Gelosoft
    • Ico Instant Super
    • Ico Magic MB
    • Ico Magic WB
    • Icoshake
    • Icoslush
Health Concepts
  • Ico Diet
  • Ico Caragel NF 1540
  • Ico Caragel SFF 6310
  • BBC 25
  • Dietsponge Vanilla
  • Dietsponge Chocolate
  • Dietwhip
Bakery Ingredients
  • Confectionery
    • Bakesponge GLX
    • Bakesponge GLX Chocolate
    • Bakesponge Concentrate
    • Bakesponge Chocolate Concentrate
    • Highsponge Vanilla and Chocolate
    • Hirise
    • Ico Whip M091
    • Ico Whip C082
    • Bakesorb
    • Cocoa Powder
    • Custard  Creme
    • Custard Powder
    • Baking Powder
    • Icing Sugar
    • Corn Flour
    • Icogel
  • Convenience Products
    • Icoglaze
    • Mayonnaise (Egg Free)
  • Bread & Biscuit
    • Bakesorb L
    • Fudpodric K 90
    • Fudpodric D 90
    • Hibake
    • Fudpodric PB 901
    • Icofresh
    • Ico Biscuit IP
    • Ico Puff XP
    • Icomulsion PR 208
  • Waffle Cone/Wafer Biscuits
    • Ico Cone
  • Flour Improver
    • Fudpodric BF70E
Non Dairy Toppings
  • Tropolite Non Dairy Premium Toppings - New
  • Ecotrop New
  • Chocowhip New
  • Cooklite New
  • Tropolite Neutral Glazing Gels - New
  • Tropolite Aromas - New
  • Non Dairy Whipping Cream
Jellies Ripples Toppings
  • Toppings/Ripples Sauces
  • Chocolate Topping Base
  • Jelly Cubes & Strings
  • Jelly Toys
  • Jellogel
  • Jelly Powder
  • Jellopodric
  • Rippopodric L1
  • Rippopodric L5
  • Ico Souffle
Juices and Syrups
  • Pectopodric K2 (100)
  • PKHV
  • Icopodric OXT
  • Ico SIP
  • Ico SIP SV
  • Icomayo RTS
  • Icomayo F055
  • Icomayo CM802
Namkeens and Savouries
  • Stailizer for Extruded Products
    • Ico SN Italian
  • Fried Snack Application
    • Ico NAM
  • Dehydrated Potato Flakes
Pharmaceutical Application
  • Ico Pharma
  • Icoprot
Generic Ingredients
  • Whey Protein Concentrates
  • Pectin MRS 150 Pectin for Jams
  • Locust Bean Gum (LBG)
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Guar Gum
  • Guar Gum HV
  • PGuar Gum LV
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Carrageenan
  • GMS (Super)
  • Sorbitol
The company also has a full fledged cold chain & logistics in place for effective transportation & distribution of frozen, chilled and dry food products all across the country.


The R&D wing of the company is recognized by DSIR (Department of Science and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India).

Critical R&D activities undertaken by the Davars group can be briefed under the following key heads:

Food & Dairy Technology (R&D Activities)

  • Development of new cost effective and more competitive food products in consonance with buyers expectations.
  • Value adding in existing products.
  • Development and formulation of a functional variety of food products.
  • Development and Standardization of formulations for the production of Bakery Ingredients.
  • Development of formulations of some important bakery and food ingredients, such as, Piping gel, Muffins, Chocolate cream, Cooking cream, Egg free Mayonnaise.

Microbial Biotechnology (R&D Activities)

  • Isolation, improvement, establishment and development of mass production technology of strain of the Probiotic lactic acid bacteria and development of new formulations for the application in dairy fermentation industry as starter culture.
  • Isolation, improvement, establishment and development of mass production technology of Saccharomyces cerevisie for application in baking and brewing industry for fermentation.
  • Standardization of Upstream, downstream, Freeze drying process for large scale production.
  • Isolation, identification and production of Saccharomyces cerevisie (Yeast).

Plant Biotechnology (R&D Activities)

  • Conservation of Germplasm of endangered and wild medicinal plants.
  • Micropropagation of anticancerous, antidiabetic and ant-HIV plants and their large scale cultivation.
  • Production of Biologically active compounds from developed cells and callus system.
  • Production of in vitro secondary metabolites
  • Agrobacterium- mediated Gene transformation and secondary metabolite production from several medicinal plants.
  • Crop improvement and breeding of highly economic crops through micropropagation technology and Protoplast fusion.
  • Micropropagation of highly economic horticulture crops.
  • Isolation, purification, characterization and formulation of biologically active metbolites.
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Clinical trials of biologically active metabolites.

Our Team

Late Shri K.S. Davar

A civil engineer with a post graduation degree from the prestigious University of Sheffield (England), Late Shri K.S. Davar was the founding father and the first chairman of Davars group.

Management Team

Mrs. Meera Davar, Chairman

Mrs. Meera Davar is another visionary entrepreneur heading major business activities at Davars. Every single Davars product gets tested, approved and passed under her supervision & care.

Owing to her business & management acumen, the Govt. of India offered her directorship of Central Social Welfare Board as also the Govt. of M.P. Offered her directorship of Women's Economic Development Corporation of M.P. Currently, she is also serving on the governing board of Jiwaji University as well as (i) Zonal Advisor LIC (ii) Organizer I.G. working Women's hostel and (iv) Patron All India Magneto therapists Association.

Dr. G.S. Davar, Managing & Technical Director

A gold medalist from the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Dr. G.S. Davar is another key member of the Davars family. 

He served as head of the Department of Food Technology at New Delhi in the Institute of Applied Nutrition in Pusa Campus established by the Ministry of Food & Agriculture of the Government of India and FAO of UNO, and in 1995 he was awarded "Udyog Ratna" award at the hands of Shri Vasant Sathe at Delhi.

Recently he was invited by the "TIMES" group as an author for their Food Processing related Journal being brought out as Economic Times Presentation.

Mr. Puneet Davar, Chief Executive

Mr. Puneet Davar, an MBA with specialization in food technology is the Chief Executive of the company who assumed the responsibility of taking the organization forward to the next level.

A true visionary and an adept technocrat, Mr. Puneet Davar was appointed as CEO and assumed office in the year 1999 with the firm belief in the fact that well placed systems and processes drive businesses and not an individual. Under his stewardship, the company effectively participated in major food ingredients events like "AAHAR" in India and food ingredients exhibitions in Singapore, China, Germany & UAE.


Bakery Ingredients
Bakery Ingredients
Non Dairy Flexi Cream
Non Dairy Flexi Cream
Chocolate Non Dairy Whip Topping
Chocolate Non Dairy Whip Topping
Jellies Ripples Topping & Decoration
Jellies Ripples Topping & Decoration
Whip Topping Cream Powder
Whip Topping Cream Powder
Flexi Cream
Flexi Cream
Cake Premix
Cake Premix
Icecream Stabilizer
Icecream Stabilizer
Yogurt Products
Yogurt Products
Bakery Ingredients
Bakery Ingredients
Bread Improver
Bread Improver
Bakery Ingredient
Bakery Ingredient
Non Dairy Topping Cream
Non Dairy Topping Cream
Ketchup Stabilizer
Ketchup Stabilizer
Hot Kitchen Garnishing cream
Hot Kitchen Garnishing cream

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